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When do you need a swimming pool installer?
July 14, 2020 at 7:00 AM
a completed pool finished by a swimming pool installer

Summer is here, and if you’re a homeowner without a pool, the idea of having one can be very tempting right now. If you’ve already decided on your dream pool’s shape, size, and placement, all that’s left for you to think about is the installation itself.

But when is the best time to install your pool?

Each season has its pros and cons, and your answer will depend on your priorities. Consider these points before reaching out to your local swimming pool installer.

Spring pool installation

By far, the best part of installing your pool in the spring is the fact that you can enjoy it all summer long. If you install your pool in any other season, chances are you’d have to wait for next year to make use of it.

Other homeowners will have the same idea, though, so you might have a hard time scheduling it with your pool builder. April rains can also cause flooding and softened ground in your backyard. If this happens to you, your installation timeline may be pushed back by several weeks.

You may also find deals on your pool installation — but if you’re looking to save some cash, a fall or winter installation will be your best bet.

Summer pool installation

As expected, summer is an extremely busy time for swimming pool builders. If you’re adamant about getting your pool installed in the summer, schedule yours towards the end of the season, when your builder is in less demand. Another option is scheduling your pool build long in advance, if possible.

You may not be able to enjoy your pool all season long like you anticipated, but if you do yours early enough, you can still get some of your swimming workouts in.

Fall pool installation

Fall is a great time for pool building, in part because of the season’s mild weather. The ground is dry, with less chances of rain than in the spring.

Fall and winter installations also give you extra time to redo your landscaping, if needed. Pool installations aren’t a pretty process, and your backyard may look worse for wear during this time. Building your pool in the colder months allows you to restore your landscaping long before you send out your backyard party invites.

Installation prices are also lower, since the demand is too. But, as noted earlier, the downside is that you won’t get to enjoy your pool until the next year.

Winter pool installation

If you’re looking to save money on your pool installation, do it in the winter. You’ll find the best offers and discounts during this time, because business is slow for pool builders. Any interest you spend while financing your pool may also be written off when you file your taxes — just ask your tax preparer.

Also make sure to contact your swimming pool installer before the end of the year. Many builders will raise their rates at the beginning of the new year to account for increases in costs and inflation.

However, if your area gets a lot of snowstorms or is known for heavy snowfall, you'll need to schedule your pool installation for spring or fall instead.

Get a free quote for your pool installation today

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