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Transforming Your Home with the Power of Epic Fiberglass Pools
May 22, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Discover the amazing entertainment and relaxation power of your backyard with a little help from Epic Fiberglass Pools.

It is almost that time of year again when barbecues and backyard get-togethers are in season. Add a little flair to your next party with the addition of an inground fiberglass pool. Whether splashing about with friends and family or enjoying a leisurely float to soak up some summer sun, fiberglass pools add value and excitement to a backyard.

Fiberglass Pools vs. Concrete Pools

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard oasis is an investment that contributes value and enjoyment to any home. Choosing the pool that is right for your needs can be confusing. The two most common options for long-term pools are fiberglass and concrete.

Concrete pools are more expensive to install, with an average cost of $50,000 for product and installation. Depending on the location and amount of excavation needed before installation, concrete pools can cost as much as $100,000. It can take anywhere from three to six months to install one.

Fiberglass pools are a less costly alternative, costing between $30,000 and $45,000. Because they are built on pre-existing molds, they can take as little as three to six weeks to install.

In addition to the upfront costs, concrete pools are more costly to maintain. Concrete pool owners can expect to shell out close to $30,000 in maintenance costs over 10 years. In comparison, fiberglass pool owners are looking at around $4,000 for the same period.

What We Offer

From the time you pick it, until the time you are floating on a raft in one of our luxurious fiberglass pools, it is between 10 and 15 days.

Epic Fiberglass Pools guarantees an option for everyone, with 18 different models from which to choose. Among our options is:

  • The Wichita is a fantastic option for those who love water aerobics. Additional swim jets are available to create a “swim machine” effect. Starts at $29,000.
  • The Trinity was inspired by a Grecian theme and starts at $32,000. It is ideal for smaller homes and patios.
  • The San Marcos model starts at $35,000 and is “right-sized” for smaller backyards. It may be small in size, but it is high in quality.
  • The San Jacinto is like having a personal lagoon for around $33,000. Its all-natural look fits nicely into smaller yards.
  • The Rio Grande is the model most suited for use by families and starts at $48,500. It easily accommodates up to 20 people.
  • The Neches is one of our most popular diving pools, starting at $39,500.
  • The Lazy S is the perfect non-diving pool for families with children. It fits nicely with any landscaping style for $37,000.
  • The Frio is one of our most luxurious models, starting at $56,599. The sky is the limit with this amazing pool, offering a shallow end for water sports activities and a deep end designed for a dynamic experience.

Check out our other amazing fiberglass pools<a href="" > here.

Financing Your Dream

At Epic Fiberglass Pools, we believe in putting the backyard of your dreams within reach. That is why we offer financing through the Signature Pool Loans program from Lyon Financial. With rates as low as 6.99 percent and no consulting fees or prepayment penalties, financing a pool is as affordable as $350 per month.

Make a Splash This Summer

Make a splash this summer with a beautiful backyard pool from Epic Fiberglass Pools. Our expert pool installers will help you select the right model for your needs, bringing unparalleled creativity to your backyard space. We are dedicated to helping you achieve epic results with your new fiberglass pool.

Schedule your free consultation online or give us a call at 832-693-1441. Have additional questions? Send us an email at